Paula's Ladies

Paula has had some really fruitful time in Chris Nissen in the past few weeks. She is enjoying getting to know a couple of new mums who are coming along to her cell group as a result of the meeting in the tent a few months back now. One, Daniele, has a 7 year old and a 1 year old little girl. She is a lovely lady and her husband has a reasonably good job. However, there is still very little extra money to go round. She never complains and her smile and sense of fun have been a real asset to the group and in the community.

Yolanda, is Aunty Poppy's daughter. She also has older children and gave birth to twins prematurely 5 months ago. Sadly, 1 of the twins died but the other, Rowan, is doing so well. Again, Yolanda is the type of woman who brightens your day. She is always full of laughter and fun despite her quite difficult circumstances. She calls Paula "my darling", which can really remind you of England! Please pray for them as they are both going to a job interview tomorrow. They both need to go back to work now after their children, but it won't be easy for them.

Aunty Poppy has suffered serious complications in recent weeks as a result of her diabetes. She spent 5 days in hospital, during which she saw 6 women die in her ward (all HIV illnesses). This is a sign of the times, but very depressing when you are fighting illness yourself. She has definitely been given a real scare and we are praying and working with her to improve her diet and help her in areas where she struggles. Her kidneys are not good and she is also suffering from bad eyesight since this latest attack. Thank God, she is now back home and sitting up looking bright in bed. Please pray that she gets stronger everyday and that she will soon be back to her old self, but with better habits! We rely on Aunty Poppy so much for many things including, home based care, feeding scheme and help and advice on vulnerable children in the community.

Aunty Henna still battles on with a smile daily. She is a real inspiration to us. Her faith is fantastic - imagine losing your husband and 4 sons within 2 years (all 4 sons murdered separately) and now crippled with arthritis and desperately needing a hip replacement, bringing up 2 of her grandchildren, both of whom are hard work. She goes about her life with quiet grace and is a prayer warrior. She fell on the way to Paula's cell on Thursday, so please pray protection over all Paula's ladies.


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