Stellenbosch MTB Challenge

On Saturday my friend Paul and me went to Stellenbosch for the annual Stellenbosch MTB Challenge. We entered the 60km race and didn't disgrace ourselves! We had a lot of fun but cracked fairly decent times. I've never seen so much mud! Everyboy was havin problems with the mud in their gears which made for some interesting moments.

Our main aim was to test ourselves against the rest of the field to get a feel for how our riding is helping and what we need to do to prepare for the Karoo to Coast 100km race later in September.

Our times were as follows:
Name Time Position Age Position Ave Speed
Paul 04:20:28 162/417 151/370 13.82
Dean 04:23:34 168/417 157/370 13.66

As you can see we're well within the top half of the field overall and within our age group, not bad for a 40 year old!

Two other friends also raced the 60k and their results were:
Charl 04:55:10 270/417 251/370 12.2
Barend 05:06:20 306/417 283/370 11.75

Official results can be seen here.


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