10000 Visitors

On 24th October 2005 we added a 'hit counter' to the blog to see how many people actually visit. We never really had high hopes but have been amazed to see that in slightly under two years we've had ten thousand hits on the blog which is quite amazing. Of those visits to our blog, 62% are 'unique hits' which means that the visitor has not been to the site before, whilst the other 38% are returning or regular visitors.

At last we have a tangible answer to the question of whether or not we're wasting our time with the blog? The answer is clearly no, we're not wasting our time so we'll persist for a while longer.

For the anoraks out there, yes we can even find out how you came to visit the blog and which server you were using to visit us. Cool!


  1. Congrats on 10,000 visitors! Does the 10,000th person get a prize? ;)

    Keep up the great blogging!

  2. Thanks Jim!

    We're never sure if we're blogging for ourselves or others, but the hit counter really helps.

    Thanks too to yourselves at missionary-blogs.com, many of our visitors come via yourselves which is great!

    Bless you

    Dean & Paula

  3. Congratulations! Keep on bloggin' ;-)

  4. I feel all this intelligence is a que for a song ............. "I gotta feel that, somebodies watching me" .. now who sung that?
    Keep up the blogging, but don't fret it you miss the odd Palace result out! Have you noticed how, if one selects "disgrace" under your categories .... it is generally about Palace!! It's a definite "Dean word" - "disgrace"!! can't wait to see you!


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