Penguins At Betty's Bay

As spring settles in and the weather improves we're able to get out and about a bit more which is great. So this morning we went to Betty's Bay to see the penguins. This is one of only three land based penguin colonies in Southern Africa and it's a beautiful place. We prefer Betty's Bay to Boulders Beach as there is more to see and the penguins are much closer. One of the attractions is the Cormorant community. There are at least four species of Cormorants with three being indigenous to the Western Cape. We also saw lots of Dassies (Rock Hyrax) however, we didn't see any Oyster Catchers at Betty's Bay (which is one of the few places they breed) or whales on the way home, but we still had a lot of fun.

A panoramic view of Betty's Bay, penguins can be seen in the bottom left

Two fascinated boys!

Watching penguins amongst the rocks

How close can you get to a penguin?

A baby penguin

The boys really enjoyed seeing the penguins again

Spring is a beautiful time in the Western Cape and many of the wild flowers are stunning

The sign says "No Fishing", guess what he's doing..?

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  1. Great pics. I love penguins - I think they are very funny!


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