After a few false starts and teething problems, Paula today officially launched her faithful home based care team in Chris Nissen. It was a special morning. Thanks to a financial commitment from our church she had been busily buying basic items for each carer and putting them in special bags for them to take around with them to house visits and was able to officially hand them over today to her 4 delighted carers.

If it wasn't enough to see their beaming faces at being presented with a few essentials, the next couple of hours in the community more than gave hope, if ever we were doubting, that God is at work both in their lives and in CNP.

Together we visited the 6 folk we had previously identified as in need of care to ask their permission to begin home based care. Each person was delighted and some were very moved. It really was incredible to see the genuine love that the ladies have for their community. We explained what HCC is (and isn't!) and that we would love to pray and read the Bible to them as often as possible and this was really well received.

Please pray that God will move mightily in the lives of these special 6 people, all of whom are either chronically or terminally ill and/or elderly. We pray too that Paula's ladies will see wonderful miracles as God uses them in such a unique role. Pray too that Paula will be able to represent them properly as she has the privilege to join in a New Frontiers HIV and AIDS strategy conference in Jo'burg in 2 weeks time.

The basic items ready for packing

The bags looking good and ready to go


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