Some idiot/s started a fire on the Helderberg late in the afternoon and firefighters have been battling all night to put it out. From our house it looks like their just about getting the upperhand, but their not being helped by a very strong Southeast wind. I'm not into corporal punishment, but when these arsonists are caught each resident of Somerset West should be able to beat the c**p out of them for 5 minutes, that would deter them.

The forest on the slopes also contained a lot of very good singletrack mountain bike trails which will probably have been destroyed.

The morning after the night before

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  1. Happens quite a lot here too, especially this time of year which is the end of our dry season. It's usually either kids having "fun", or idiot drivers from the city throwing fag ends out of the window... duh. Thanks for your mails and comments on our blog, have a good week!


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