Emyezweni Christmas Party

On Friday I had the privilege of entertaining the children at Emyezweni Pre-School in Lwandle. This seems to have become a bit of a tradition but it's a lot of fun and the children really appreciate it. This year I had my fire clubs fixed so I was able to juggle with fire too. As you could imagine it was a real hit and the children requested that I juggle fire again at the end.

The Christmas party was fantastic once again! Debs & Rach put a lot of time and effort into making sure that all goes well and this year was no exception. Sadly, fewer folk came from church than in previous years, but it was still a good party.

Father Christmas made an early appearance too, so everyone went home with a great present.

The Cats Cradle

FIRE! The children were enthralled with this

Once again the spread was fantstic

Thumbs up for a great party!

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