Place Of Safety

Praise God for His faithfulness!

Today was a big day for Michael & Joyce as they were back in court with the ACVV social worker as the Place of Safety Order expired today. The ACVV were keen to formalise Michael & Joyce’s application to become registered foster carers and this happened this morning.

Hayden’s mother and ouma were at the hearing and gave the social worker a hard time, but ultimately there was no way the child would be returned to their care until radical changes were made by them. Michael & Joyce were brilliant and behaved very graciously towards the birth family and were very professional.

This is a tragic situation, but Michael & Joyce are being a real witness in the way they are caring for Hayden, who is clearly thriving in their care. Michael & Joyce remain a true 'place of safety' and a refuge for this wonderful little boy.

One of the things that really excites me about what Michael & Joyce are doing is that Michael is doing the bulk of the care, especially whilst Joyce is at work. This is so counter-culture and raises a lot of questions which they are more than happy to answer. Even at the court house, Michael was quite often surrounded by people who found it very hard to understand why he was the primary carer.

I love it when I see a culture being shaken by its own members.


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