Early 2nd Birthday

We celebrated Eli's birthday today, a few days early so as not to let it get lost in the hustle & bustle of then next few days. We fly to Blighty tomorrow evening and have still to think about packing. We've been really busy since returning from holiday, particularly with the Christmas Hampers.

Eli had a lot of fun and was very proud of being the Birthday Boy. We were quite amazed at how much he understood of what was going on. At lunchtime we went to Vergelegen for a family picnic in the camphor forest. We had a lovely lunch and a lot of fun doing the treasure hunt.

Eli got some great presents which were immediately put to good use, especially his toy trolley, see below.

A proud owner of a new stroller and baby from Joel. Eli adores walking around with the stroller

Now this looks like a lot of fun waiting to be had

Joel was magnificent in pulling Eli around the drive

But a mishap was inevitable!

Lunch in the camphor forest

Joel demolishing the bread

Eli discovered the sugar bowl and was very pleased with himself


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