Yule Tide Fun

We've been having a lot of fun enjoying a cold English Christmas with family and friends. Despite the weather we've managed to get the boys out of the house (and away from the TV) for a few trips to the local swings. Their mood brightens no end after a bit of fresh air. One of the things we forget about life in Blighty is just how sedentary it can be!

Christmas was a lot of fun with both boys being thoroughly spoilt with some fantastic presents. family & friends were incredibly generous! It's hard to say what the best toy is/was yet as they're still discovering some of their new toys. Joel is quite taken with a toy gun that came with his pirate gear and he's really enjoying dressing up as Captain Hook.

Tomorrow we pick up a hire car which will give us some desperately needed freedom until we leave. On New Years Day Dean, Grandad & Joel are off to watch Palace at home to Norwich and then we're off to Wimbledon for a couple of days to see Susan and a few other good friends which we're really looking forward to.

Captain Hook came a calling and sneering

The cousins (Bethany & Susannah) even did some drying-up after Christmas dinner! India seemed to have escaped at this time


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