Time To Pack - Again!

Our Christmas break with family has just about finished, we fly home to Somerset West tonight. We're looking forward to being home and in our own space again but we'll miss family and friends who've been really good to us during our visit. The boys have coped brilliantly, especially as it's not always easy to smile and be happy when you get dragged here, there & everywhere and so many strangers want to spend time with you. When you've invaded other people's space and invariably cluttered it up or at the least increased the decibel level for a few hours/days then it's probably a relief to see the back of us. We've been blessed in our time back in Blighty and hope we were a blessing to all we met up with and spent time with. As ever we're really grateful to Susan in Wimbledon for allowing us to invade her wonderful home for two days of sanity and relaxation! Thanks too to Rhoda & Ethan for a lovely afternoon, Ethan was a star putting up with our invasion.

Here are some of the highlights we've not previously blogged about...

Waiting for our table in a Sevenoaks pizzeria, that's Susannah on the left

Eli with Bethy and Grandad

Bring on the pizza!

Bethy helping with the colouring

A very rare photo of India

Playing with Isaac's trains at Sal's

A lot of fun was had one morning at Sal's down on the farm

Driving a harvesting machine

His morning with Sal was probably Joel's highlight of our holiday

There was lots of 'quality' mud to be jumped in

Making cup cakes

A big hug with Sal, Joel's godmother


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