Absurdity Of Bureaucracy

How crazy is this?...

Tiny Bubbles Créche was set up in CNP about 2 years ago in the containers, so they have electricity but no water or sanitation facilities. The municipality agreed to provide these services for the créche but to date has failed to do so.

So late last week the municipality sent a health inspector to Tiny Bubbles to assess the situation. The conclusion being that the créche may have to close if they don't get water and sanitation sorted out.

Talk about catch 22! Tiny bubbles is one of the best things to happen in CNP in the 4 years we've been working with the community. The five ladies who set it up, at personal cost, have served diligently and often despite the lack of support from the municipality.

Now the municipality has put the créche in a totally absurd position simply because it can't get its act together to provide basic services which it is obliged to, and because the different departments within the municipality can't get their act together and talk to each other.


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