Answer To Prayer

For the last three years I've tried many times to help Peter get an ID document but without success. Peter was born many moons ago on a farm back in the days when such births were not registered. For most of his life, Peter's got away without needing an ID, but now that he's sick he needs one to enable him to access the social grant. Peter and I have been to Home Affairs, the police, the magistrates court, the local social services office and a few other places in our attempts to get him an ID. Recently we sent him off to Caledon to stay with family so they could help him, but he returned after two very frustrating weeks with no joy.

Since our bible study group started again this year we've been praying specifically for Peter that he would get an ID. Amazingly on Friday, two officials from Home Affairs visited Peter at home, completed the necessary forms for him so all he had to do was sign them. They took his fingerprints and photograph (both necessary for the document) and left him with a formal receipt stating that his ID will be processed and available in three months time (the normal length of time it takes to receive an ID).

Wow what an amazing answer to prayer!

Now we're praying that Tom will be completely healed following his stroke, please pray with us.


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