Easter Weekend

We've had a really good weekend so far, enjoying some great family time and sharing it with friends too. On Friday we went to Betty's Bay to see the penguins but unfortunately the wind was too strong and we had to give up. So we ended up in Pringle Bay where the boys had strawberry milkshakes and tormented the fish (see left) whilst we chilled out and pretended they were someone else's children. We also took the boys to meet Peter & Gloria who run the Wild Olive, a guest house we sneak off to occasionally.

On Saturday we had a braai and a potjie (if you don't know what they are you'll just have to come and experience them) with some good friends joining us for the afternoon and evening. In fact we were all so relaxed that we lost track of time and the kids all went to be very late!

We've tried to communicate the meaning of Easter to Joel and tonight he had the Easter story as his bible story before bed which he enjoyed. He then thanked Jesus for Easter as we were praying which was brilliant.

Church was really good this morning, we had a guest preacher, Don (something) who is about 72 but he really could preach! Our regular preachers could learn a lot from him.

Mummy can be silly..

..although Joel can't quite believe it!

Eli doesn't look convinced either.


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