Desperate Despot!

How can anyone call for a recount in an election before the results have been declared?

Well believe it or not that is exactly what Mugabe and his Zanu PF lackies are doing. Quite unbelievable. Next they'll be claiming that the elections weren't free and fair!

So here we are, nine days after the poll and still the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has failed to declare the results of the presidential election.

The ZEC is now in breach of Zim' constitutional law and yet their response to the MDC's court application is that the court has no jurisdiction over ZEC. If the situation wasn't as tragic as it is it would all be very amusing. Sadly, there is nothing funny about this as it's all about one old man desperate to cling onto power and prepared to use ANY means necessary to achieve his ends.

Sadly Zim's southern neighbour is also less than useless with Mbeki still pursuing his so called 'quiet diplomacy'. What that really means is sitting on your ar*e doing nothing whilst a so called 'liberation hero' trashes his country.

"Mugabe’s effort to subvert the electoral process must be seen for what it is: an attempt for him to avoid the humiliation of being publicly declared the loser." - This is Zimbabwe.

Mugabe really is a desperate despot!


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