Alex Ferguson has claimed the FA Cup has been devalued by the semi-finals being held at Wembley.

The days of semi-finals being played at neutral venues like Villa Park or Hillsborough appear numbered for the foreseeable future as the Football Association have signed a 30-year staging agreement to host the games at Wembley.

It is a decision which drew criticism from the Manchester United manager, who argued it took "a wee bit of the real lustre" off the final.

Well that's a bit rich coming from the man who is almost single-handedly responsible for the devaluing of both English cup finals. He introduced the concept of weaker or under-strength teams in the League Cup (and then was applauded by two faced football pundits who thought it was great that he gave his youngsters a run-out). But his biggest and unforgivable sin was competing in the Intercontinental Cup or World Club Championship in 1999 at the expense of participating in the FA Cup. That took a wee bit of the real lustre off it!

The man is a hypocrite!


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