The Waiting Goes On

It looks like the Mugabe circus has picked itself up, dusted itself off and got back to business. The MDC are once again being harassed and intimidated with arrests being threatened and the Meikles Hotel was raided apparently for this very purpose. The MDC have been quoted on the BBC website as saying: "Mugabe had unleashed a war after security agents ransacked its offices in Harare on Thursday." also, at least two foreign journalists have been arrested by Mugabe's circus. The inevitable state crackdown has begun.

So it looks like business as usual with Mugabe rolling up his sleeves for a fight. The tragedy in this is that the needs of the people are completely neglected and trampled upon as politicians seek to preserve their own situations, no change there then! 

Zimbabwe Today has a good posting about why today (Friday) is the 'Day of Days'. According to Zim' law all election results have to be made known today, so hopefully they'll stop prevaricating, lying and stealing and get on and announce the genuine results of last Saturday's poll.

Amazingly, the results for the Senate are only just beginning to trickle out from ZEC and yet David Coltart knew he'd been re-elected on Sunday and was duly reappointed to the Senate at that time. If a senator knew the result why wasn't it published by the authorities?

Zimbabwe needs our prayers more now than ever. Please pray for this beautiful nation!


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