One should always be a bit wary of being too critical of the president of a country in which one is a guest, but equally, one can only take so much rubbish before one has to speak out.

Today Mbeki made a complete idiot of himself and a mockery of the democratic process as he ignorantly called for 'patience' in relation to the pending declaration of the long overdue Zim' election results and then went on to say that: "If nobody wins a clear majority the law provides for a second run. If that happens I would not describe it as a crisis. It's a normal electoral process,". The man is a Muppet!

Firstly, how can he possibly state that nobody has won a clear majority when the results have yet to be declared! Secondly, if the law allowed for anything in Zim' it would to force the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to release the election results in line with Zim' constitutional law (over a week ago). Thirdly, withholding election results is not part of normal electoral processes neither is talk of a 'run-off' before results have been declared!

It's a really sad day when the only African leader to have spoken out against Mugabe is a man who has been accused of rape and has corruption charges hanging over his head. However, the ANC president Jacob Zuma is a lone voice amongst African leaders and appears to have a bit more backbone than the rest of them in speaking out against the Desperate Despot. Despite serious misgivings about Zuma, right now he's got to be a better bet than the hapless Mbeki!

I also wish that the UK govt' would get a life and stop playing into Mugabe's hands by speaking out against him. Rather, if they got alongside other African nations and encouraged them to do the criticising things might be a bit different. Gordon Brown is as big a muppet as Mbeki.

Take a look at This is Zimbabwe to see what's really happening there.


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