On Saturday Mbeki made an idiot of himself (see post below) on his way to the emergency summit in Zambia in which a variety of African leaders convened to discuss the electoral impasse and subsequent crisis in Zimbabwe.

Tragically, the summit came out in favour of the Desperate Despot and virtually dismissed Morgan Tsvangarai and the MDC as a sideshow. Despite their clear victory in the parliamentary poll and seemingly obvious win in the presidential poll. If Desperate despot had won we'd know about it!!!

So here we see exactly what is wrong with Africa and why this beautiful continent full of amazing people will probably be mired in corruption and war for many years to come. Until African leaders will stand up to each other and speak plainly, corruption remains rampant. If African leaders would have the courage to speak out against their colleagues, especially out of date 'liberation heroes' (even if it means agreeing with a white man) things would change. That really is the key as far as I'm concerned and this has been Desperate Despot's trump card with the world media unwittingly colluding with him. Right from the start Desperate Despot portrayed the land issue in Zim as a race issue which meant that other African leaders would side with him against so called 'white interference' in issues of sovereignty. The world media colluded by ignoring the plight of the black majority in Zim instead highlighting the plight of a few white farmers. Yes the farmers had a bad time of things, but apart from a very small number of deaths they only lost land and possessions whilst thousands of black Zimbo's lost their lives as well as the property with many being raped and tortured.

The media need to wake up and smell the roses and realise that the underlying issues in Zim have nothing to do with race and everything to do with one man's desperation to cling onto power regardless of the cost. Desperate Despot may well have been a liberation hero once upon a time, but that ship sailed many years ago. Today he's nothing more than a war criminal who should be tried for crimes against humanity.

So what's wrong with the BBC? Maybe they're suffering a bit of 'Zim fatigue' but after a lot of build-up to the Zambia summit, not a word has been reported on the BBC News website since. I don't understand why?

But hey, I am a white man, so what would I know about Africa?


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