A Spade Is A Spade

Let's be clear about just what is happening here in South Africa.


We've had stories about white students in Bloemfontein abusing Res' cleaners and urinating in the food, and now we have stories about neighbours turning on neighbours. Looting their houses, burning them and in some instances burning their neighbours.

South Africa is a deeply racist nation and needs to get a grip of the issues involved and do something to address them before the next generation adopt their parents attitudes and perpetuate the racism that is so deeply ingrained across all sections of society. Blacks, White and Coloured South Africans are all deeply racist!

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  1. Reading your blog today makes me weep. I am so sorry to read about all of this and my heart is heavy. God have mercy on us all.

    As an American I simply have no concept of what your life is like there. I have traveled a great deal - Europe, Middle East, South America, Asia but never to Africa. That said, I am sure that Africa alone is made of such varied places, too much to put to one word.

    Anyway, I have images of Nelson Mandela in the 90's, the reconciliation time, Desmond Tutu and so forth in one part of my mind and this violence in the other.

    My prayers are with all - my prayers for healing, consolation, for mercy and for peace.

    Did the racism ever really leave after apartheid or did it just explode more is the question I leave you with?

    Or is that the wrong question?

    If it is easier to email me than to post, please do so. Festinalente07 at gmail dot com

    God bless.


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