Township Riots

International news agencies have been running stories of township violence in South Africa over the last few days. What is particularly shocking is that this violence is purely discriminatory as it's directed at foreigners living in the townships. Nigerians, Somalians and Zimbabweans seem to be some of the worst affected. In essence the people in these townships are behaving exactly the same as the white oppressor did during the apartheid years, this is the real tragedy!

The BBC announced on their news website this morning that: SA violence spreads to Cape Town. Today the violence arrived on our doorstep in Nomzamo township. I saw a bit of the violence as I was driving along the N2 on my way to Chris Nissen Park. Later, after I took Michael to the station he was telling me about some of the horrific injuries he'd seen whilst he was at Hotties hospital with Tom. The police presence is good and the helicopters are buzzing around a lot. As we drove out of CNP we saw lots of trucks loaded up with people's possessions as they flee the violence. Sadly this has also impacted Chris Nissen with the few Nigerians in the community having left already. Please pray that the violence wouldn't come into CNP.

The churches in the area are responding magnificently opening their buildings to refugees and many Christians have opened up their homes to those who have been displaced.

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