We had a great weekend in Montagu. Dean was riding the big race so we decided to go back to Joel's favourite place 'in the country' - Farmer Koos's farm. We took the boys straight from school on Friday and enjoyed a fantastic lunch on route - just look at that view! It was wonderfully warm and very relaxing. The boys simply loved pottering around the farm and Eli was often gone for up to an hour making himself at home with the animals/machinery.

Dean had a great, albeit tough race, and we went to meet him at the finishing line. After a long wait, it was good to see him coming at last! That evening we enjoyed a fun meal out, though we proved yet again that our boys just don't do late nights - they were really crabby on Sunday morning!! We feel so blessed to live in such a beautiful country. Family weekends like this are golddust for us.

See Krakadouw MTB for more on Dean's race.

Eli enjoying one of the many quad bikes on the farm

Joel & Cocoa at sunrise

Daddy, Joel & Cocoa (with Daddy's medal)

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  1. What a great post! In the short time since finding your blog, I have become completely addicted to it.

    Thank you for sharing your lives and God bless you richly for what you do.

    You are a gorgeous family and please know that many prayers come your way... for you and for those you serve.


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