Storm Clouds Looming?

Sadly this post is nothing to do with the weather but rather the rumours currently doing the rounds in some of the townships.

Whilst I was in Chris Nissen Park this morning I was told by one of the well known gossips (who also seems to have a finger on the pulse of community life) that the xenophobic violence is going to start again on Friday.

I was really concerned to hear this but equally it confirms my suspicion that govt have not got things under control. I was also told about one Nigerian family who have very bravely returned to CNP. Despite the fact that their house and shop had been completely looted they had set about repairing it all and getting the business up and running again. I do fear for them and what might happen to them.

Then this afternoon I received another SMS from Alfred in which he says that: "There are rumours that tomorrow gangs will make a checkup round for remaining foreigners, but I don't know how true it is. We just trust God will stop it all."

Please pray against a resurgence of this mindless racist violence. Pray too for ongoing protection for my friend Alfred and his family.


  1. Prayers for all - healing for all.

    God have mercy.

  2. You have not posted in awhile - just stopping by to check in, offer prayers and say hello.


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