"I can see clearly now.."

It was Johnny Nash who sang the words "I can see clearly now, the rains have gone" in his song I Can See Clearly Now. Thankfully the storm clouds that were gathering over the local townships seem to have been blown away. There was no resurgence of the racist violence which engulfed so many and left thousands displaced.

We really thank God for answering those prayers!

Many immigrants remain too scared to return to their communities, thousands have fled the country and many thousands more are still in temporary refugee camps living in appalling conditions.

Our dear friend Alfred and his family are all safe. The kids are back at their regular schools and Alfred & Pauline are back at work.

Please pray that those who are still displaced would be able to return to their homes in South Africa.

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  1. Thank God - Praise Him.

    I am delighted to see this post. Please know that prayers continue for true healing for all.


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