Mission Ed' Has Started

We arrived safely back in Blighty last week after a long flight of 12 hours. The plane was a smaller Airbus so it took longer and had no personal TV screens so Joel didn't enjoy the flight. Also, Joel was suffering with a virus so by the time we arrived at Grandad's he was burning up and the last 24 hours have been quite stressful. Thankfully he seems to be picking up now, but please pray for him. Subsequently Paula took him to the Dr's on Sunday morning and he was diagnosed with a middle ear infection.

Anyway we're in Blighty for a seven week 'tour' of a number of our supporting churches as well as catching up with many friends and family. If we don't make it to you please don't be offended as it really is nothing personal. This time we're acting on advice we were given almost 10 years ago and that is to stay put and ask friends to come to us. So if we didn't extend an invite to you, drop us a line to our normal email address or leave a comment and we'll get in touch.

We're now settled into Susan's in Wimbledon Village. We kicked off the tour on yesterday morning at Hertford Baptist Church where Dean preached at both morning services followed by a PowerPoint presentation over lunch. Sadly Dean had to go without Paula & Joel as Joel needed to see a Dr. Despite this it was a really good day and we were made to feel very welcome. It's always such a pleasure catching up with old friends. Many thanks to all at HBC for making Dean & Eli so welcome and special thanks to Jemma for looking after Eli! Sadly we weren't able to stay overnight so we missed out on seeing some special friends. Eli was an absolute treasure and I couldn't fault him at all. He was great with Jemma and was happy to go into the creche twice. Poor thing was so tired at lunchtime (when he'd normally have a sleep) that he fell asleep on me whilst I was trying to eat lunch. Eli was also brilliant whilst Dad was trying to navigate around Shepherds Bush. We were very lost on the way home but Eli was very forgiving.

Next stop Cheadle where we'll be house sitting. We're really loking forward to this as we'll have time to chill and just enjoy being together as a family.


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