Fun In The Park

We're managing to have some great family time here in Cheadle which is a real blessing. We're so grateful to the Berry's for letting us house-sit as it means we can just relax and be ourselves without having to worry about being on our best behaviour.

We've also had some useful time with the key players of St. Mary's in Cheadle and look forward to our partnership with them going from strength to strength.

We've also had some really good times catching up with friends, some of whom we haven't seen for a few years. We always enjoy catching up with friends.

It's funny how old haunts suddenly take on a new meaning. Bramhall park used to be a great old stomping ground of ours without the kids. We had no idea how good the playground is..... now we do!!! Joel has got really confident at climbing, pretending he is spiderman and Eli continues to be kamikaze man, almost jumping off this high slide today in his enthusiasm. It was funny though to see how Joel's endurance on a roundabout (the kind of thing we pay good money for each week in occupational therapy!) even beat Eli! We couldn't look - it made us feel sick!

Enjoying one of many 'see-saw' type toys

Joel has an incredible capacity to stay on the roundabout for a long time!

Eli doing things in his own style

The slide was a hit


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