Catching Up With Friends

We had a great time catching up with a few friends over the last few days.

We had a lovely riotous tea with some old friends, Jane and Derek and their 2 children on Wednesday. The children really enjoyed playing cricket in the garden after tea and it meant that we did get a few minutes to catch up with 10 years' worth of news!

On Thursday evening. We hosted a small gathering and were amazed that friends were prepared to travel quite some distance to come and see us for such a short time. We would have liked to have more individual time with each of our friends but sadly that's not possible. However, our 'Chill & Chat' evening was a suitable compromise and we're really grateful to those of you who rocked up.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon with John & Helen and had a really good time catching up with them. John was great with the boys and it was with real sadness we had to leave, although John was probably ready for an early night himself!

Today we're off to Pott Shrigley where we're speaking in the morning. We'll catch up with some friends this afternoon and the boys have been invited to a birthday party so it should all be a lot of fun.


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