Church Visits

Sunday was a busy day with two mission education visits. The first was to St. Christopher's in Pott Shrigley and we had a great time catching up with friends and making some new ones. We were really encouraged by the response of so many in the church. It's good to know that our partnership is valued, so a BIG thankyou to all in Pott Shrigley! We talked about our work during the service and afterwards had lunch with many of the church folk, after which we showed our photo presentation which seemed to go down well. We also had a really good afternoon & evening with Steve & Anne on Saturday. Steve cooked a lovely meal and we were joined by another couple from the church which made for a fun evening.

In the evening Dean preached at St. Mary's in Cheadle after which we gave our powerpoint presentation about the work we've been doing for the last few years. The preach went well despite Dean breaking into a coughing fit half way through. We really enjoyed our time at St. Mary's and are really grateful to Rob, Graham and the team for giving us space to relax and enjoy family time during our week in Cheadle.

Joel & Eli with Tom & Matthew by the dais in St Christopher's, Pott Shrigley


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