"Only God Can Remove Me"

"Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves." Romans 13:1-2

These verses in Romans have always presented Zimbabwean Christians with a problem. On the one hand they want to remain faithful to God's word but on the other hand they live with the daily reality of the Desperate Despot and his mindlessly violent rule. Squaring the reality of the Desperate Despot's rule with the word of God is not an easy thing to do and many Christians who understand scripture far better than I do have wrestled with this problem.

However, I believe that within the context of Zim, Christian's now have a wonderful get out clause... The Desperate Despot recently declared at one of his political rallies that "only God can remove me". This gives Christians the perfect opportunity to cry out to the living God and ask Him to do just that; to remove the Desperate Despot.

Let's unite and call upon our amazing God and ask that He shows the world unequivocally that He is the living God and He can indeed remove a lunatic like Mugabe. Jesus said quite clearly in Matthew 18:19 "Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven." I think we can get a few of us to prayerfully agree to this.


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