I've been wondering what to write about Zim for a while now as each time I read my favoured Zim blogs or hear from friends I simply want to cry. Zim is in a total mess all because the Desperate Despot won't let go!

Tonight we received the following email from our best friends in Zim. All I would say about this email is that in all the years that we've known these friends they've never once expressed any notion of leaving the country they love so dearly nor have they ever expressed any fear, until today. Read it and draw your own conclusions.

Please may you pray for us for God's protection, things are really bad and we are scared.

Please especially pray for the kids and L , the girls in the family for God's protection over them, as the militia are doing unthinkable things here. Please pray that if something happens here I will be able to protect them and if worse comes to worst a safe escape for us.

The nights are especially bad for me please pray that there is protection around our house and peace in our hearts to be able to sleep.

Please also pray for the safety of my parents too.

Thanks for your prays



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