Can't Wait To Go Home

You know it's time to go home when your kids start telling you just how much they're missing their special toys. This is Joel's pirate ship which was a Christmas present 2 years ago from Grandad. Joel lives on board in his fantasy world and he's spent many a happy hour sailing the seven seas and fighting off other pirates whilst also trying to out run the Acheron as Cpt. Jack Aubrey.

In the last few days Joel has made it quite clear that he's ready to go home. He really wants to see his friends and is missing his teacher. This is a bit heart wrenching as parents because we know and understand why we need to spend seven weeks away from home, but Joel & Eli get no choice in the matter and just have to trail along with us. Sadly for Eli he's too young to express his feelings in any way other than physically. Consequently some of the behaviours we've experienced over the last few days have been quite testing.
Please pray for us as a family as we spend these last few days getting ready to return to South Africa, especially as the future remains a little uncertain (more on that when we get back to SA).

We've got one more night here in Spain before returning to Blighty, we land around 11pm tomorrow. On Saturday we return to Wimbledon until Tuesday when we go back to Grandad's. On Wednesday evening we fly back home to South Africa.

We're longing to get home and get stuck into the future. Please stand with us in prayer.


  1. Oh yes- prayers in abundance for you all.

    For your travel, for your longings, for your mission and for whatever God brings your way.

  2. Guys, dear friends, we are with you every step of the way .... God goes before you. You are very dear to us, and your special boys. And, at the end of the day, boys are boys (people with girls will not understand that comment!!!), and boys are physical! Doesn't mean they are naughty or lack discipline - they are just being boys! Lots of love xxx


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