It might seem like we've disappeared as we haven't posted anything for a while but in actual fact we're hiding out in a corner of south-east Spain close to the town of Cartagena, a beautiful old port town dating back to 1BC. We're on holiday as a family with Grandad and Lesley and having a really nice time. the boys are really happy to have a swimming pool all to themselves and are really enjoying having Grandad & Lesley to spend time with them. We're also grateful to Grandad & Lesley for giving us a bit of space to get out on our own.

We'll post some more when we get back to Blighty on Saturday.

Eli savours his donut, Joel wolfed his!

¡Sulud! Getting into local culture is something we were encouraged to do at bible college so it must be right. The street cafĂ© culture is brilliant and something we could live with.

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  1. Looks like a lovely holiday- Spain is wonderful IMO, although I have not been to Cartagena.

    When do you head back to Africa? I wish you well in your journeys and hope to hear from you soon.

    Peace to you all.


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