Happy Birthday!

Paula celebrated a significant birthday yesterday. I've already been told-off for saying how old she is so let's leave it at 21 with 19 years experience.

We had a lovely continental style breakfast at a new French eatery in Wimbledon Village. We all had fantastic food.

In the evening I managed to escape with Paula and we went on a bit of a reminisce around London, starting with a glass of champagne on the Southbank. This was followed by an exquisite curry in Soho and frozen Margaritas in Leicester Square. All in all a great evening!

Eli getting to grips with his breakfast

Joel really enjoyed his food

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  1. Happy Birthday and all of God's blessings on you Paula! Clearly there are many, which we see in your family and in your smile.

    Your day and evening sound truly lovely.

    I really am delighted to be acquainted with you all via blogging.

    Good wishes to you all!



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