This Week

We've had a busy few days with trips into Chris Nissen, going to Joel's school and meeting with the lead elder of Grace church in Macassar.

Paula met up with Jenny today from the UK and spent the morning with her in Chris Nissen. Jenny has extensive medical experience from years as a nurse so she was a real blessing. It was great to have someone who could relate to the likes of Aunty Henna who regularly complains of her arthritis. Jenny could fully empathise and relate to Henna's daily struggle.

This afternoon we spent some time just chatting with Jenny and had a great time with her. We both came away marveling at her spirit and can only hope that we get to her age we still have as much drive as she does.

Yesterday (Thursday) morning we went into Joel's school so that he could show us his work and take us around his classroom. We had such a good time and were really impressed with the standard of his work and amazed at what he can do!

Eli just continues to amaze us with his abilities to do things and go places most other 2 year olds would fear to tread. This is Eli at the top of the rope ladder which hangs from the tree in our front garden.


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