National Braai Day

Yesterday was Heritage Day (alternatively known as National Braai Day) so was a public holiday. We joined our new church family in Macassar for a braai and an afternoon of fun. The gathering was fairly impromptu and very informal and must be one of the most relaxed church events we've ever been to.

It was such a pleasure to be with our new friends and to be so warmly welcomed. Our kids loved every minute of it and they get on really well with the other children. Joel enjoyed watching High School Musical on the big screen whilst Eli held his own on the cargo net hanging in the garden.

Paula's card shark skills resurfaced after many dormant years and Dean fulfilled many 'manly' stereotypes by standing around the fire and pretending to help.

Eli about to climb onto the cargo net

Doing what men do best..braai-ing

On the cargo net

On the swing

Watching the film wihlst enjoying a burger

Mervin & Daniel playing dominoes


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