CNP Update

We're in the final stages of working out exactly what we're going to be doing in Macassar with Grace Community Church as well as thinking about ways in which we can best serve the church. We're really enjoying church life again and it's great to be involved in something fresh and vibrant.

We're also managing to continue to have some involvement with Chris Nissen Park and our friends there. The HOPE Home Based Care Team are doing well and we continue to be really proud of the work they do. Paula visits with the team on Friday mornings and is always encouraged by the ladies and their faithfulness. I'm normally in CNP twice a week and continue to enjoy meeting up with some of the men. Michael remains a very good friend and we often have a good laugh together over a cup of tea. Today I was able to help him transport some roofing sheets and we had a great time chatting and laughing in the bakkie. Sadly, Michael had seriously underestimated how much the sheets would cost so he only got 8 for his hard saved cash.

We're continuing to support the Tiny Bubbles crèche and recently were able to bless them with a lot of food for the kids and staff. The link between the crèche and Joel's school is going well and they're now thinking about a Christmas party for the crèche.

On a sad note, our feeding programme in CNP is coming to an end. The final deliveries will be in December after which time we have no further funding. We're keen to keep this going as the food goes to the patients of HOPE and it's one of the key ways that we can make sure the most vulnerable are cared for. The feeding project requires £1200 per year, so if you're interested in getting involved let us know.

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  1. I thought I left a comment here yesterday, but I guess not.

    In any event - many prayers as you continue your transition. You are both blessed and a blessing.

    It is sad to hear about the feeding programme, I wish I could do something to help. Could you put up a paypal donate button on your sidebar?


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