I had to laugh when I saw this article on the BBC website: 'No God' slogans for city's buses. My amusement stems from three aspects of this 'advertising campaign'. Firstly, I love the use of the word 'probably'. One always needs to hedge one's bets just in case.

I guess it's similar to the lager that claims to be "..probably the best..", they just can't say for certain that they are the best. There's always that niggling doubt. So the rest of the poster on the bus says "Now stop worrying and enjoy your life." But if there's an element of doubt, as raised by the use of the word probably, then how can one simply toddle off and not worry?

The second aspect that amuses me here is the use of uppercase. This delightfully skips the issue of whether or not the campaign should ascribe an uppercase or lowercase 'g' to the word GOD. It also nicely sidesteps the issue of which deity we're talking about here, maybe that's the point. I wonder whether the muslim radicals will get upset and make the usual threats etc.

The third aspect that amuses me is the need of atheists to spread their own belief system (isn't religion merely a belief system?!?). I'm always impressed by the faith of atheists who can declare so positively that there is no god. Bless 'em!

One commentor on a connected blog wrote: "..but I still object to being persuaded not to worry. I will worry as much as I like, cheers." Personally, I'm with him.


  1. Mad Priest had a bit up about this.

    My outlook is that God is very much present in all things so I try not to worry (hah) and go about doing His will.

    It is always a challenge!

    Honestly, I have no problem with atheists. I do have a real problem with the sort of atheists that would tell me that I am delusional. Please pray for me, I will be at a conference with one who espouses that rather stridently. Please ask that my better angels are with me!

    Given the nature of this comment,I shall just comment as...

  2. It reminds me of the other ad on TV:

    You only have one life, so make it a full one -- with world-class entertainment.

    Like Aldous Huxley's Brave new world


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