Last night we officially left HCC. To a certain extent it was a mere formality and a box ticking exercise. It certainly wasn't an event we were keen to attend. Not because we'd done anything wrong but simply because we've moved on and are already seeing God at work in our lives and in Macassar and we're really excited about the future! To return to HCC and dredge up the past simply wasn't an exciting prospect.

The event itself was very weird, we'd been invited to attend as it would be a chance for the church to thank us for our four years of service, but after being called to the front and told they wanted to honour us, Dean was handed the microphone and asked to thank HCC. Neither of us can remember what I said (I didn't swear at least) but one of our friends said I was very gracious - phew! Besides one of the elders dropping a clanger about his forthcoming colonoscopy, the highlight for us was the fact that our best friends in the church sat with us in support of us and Daniel & Zelda (from Grace Communtiy Church, Macassar) also came. We felt very honoured by them.


  1. Glad that you have made your peace, shaken the "dust from your sandals" and have moved on.

    God will always lead us to where we need to go, if we listen deeply. It seems you live this way.

    This still cannot have been an easy chapter of your lives, but what a gift to walk in communion with you here and to hear how grace has moved you.


  2. Hi Guys, Mark here just to say you are in our prays all the time. You all look so good and the kids are growing fast. Although we are not near you we will always support you through thick and thin, and I pray God speaks clearly to you. You know you are doing a good job for the Lord when you are persecuted one way or another. Somewhere in the bible it says you are hugely blessed when persecuted for me. I think people miss the reality of the christian walk in that not only does life throw things at us all the time but the spiritual realm, particularly the evil side does what it can to put you down. Well Peter showed us what to do in that situation and you certainly live by the word. So keep God in your hearts and I pray now for protection over you all and Dean I pray as the head of the household that God would give you wisdom in your decision making. God be with you all and know there are so many people out there who simply love you all a great deal. Fight the good fight and God Bless, we miss you Mark


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