Emyezweni Christmas Party

It hardly seems possible that a year has slipped past since I last entertained the kids at the Emyezweni Christmas party in Lwandle, but that year has shot past and here we are posting about it again.

I really enjoy being asked to entertain the kids and count it a real privilege to invest a tiny amount in the lives of these kids.

As ever they were a fantastically appreciative audience and certainly know how to make one feel good! The simplest tricks continue to be the most appreciated. The fire juggling is a huge hit, but the unicycling and diabolo are also popular. Climb the string is the simplest of diabolo tricks but probably the most appreciated. Throwing the diabolo is also great, the higher the better! Each year I try to do something different, so last year I used my fire clubs for the first time and this year I used my juggling rings which went down very well. Next year could be a bit tricky.

This year we decided to do the entertainment after the meal so as to distract the kids before Santa's arrival and it was quite effective as there was no hanging around for them.

Now I'm looking forward to doing it all again in 2009!

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2007 Christmas Party
2006 Christmas Party
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I've been practising on the unicycle this year so was able to give a much better display, phew!

The kids are always eager to have a go themselves

The diabolo never fails to impress

My mate Andy was Father Christmas

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  1. Reading this makes me weep - but in the very best sort of way.

    Thank you for doing what you do, thank you for your witness of God's love in the world and thank you for so generously sharing it here.


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