We're all well and enjoying a bit of warmer weather. Apparently it's going to be over 30°C tomorrow and we can't wait! winter was too long and the rain is still lingering, we had 20mm of the awful stuff on Thursday.

The good news is that we managed a night away sans enfants on Friday which was bliss. Some really good friends looked after the boys and very bravely took them camping (which involves a long story which culminates in the tent falling down at 4am!). Anyway, we had no such dramas, just a very relaxing evening and a lovely slow drive home stopping at all the farm stalls enroute. It really is a rare privilege to be able to peruse these places at leisure without being hassled for sweets or a toy.

Apparently the boys were really well behaved and very polite (typical, they're not like that at home) so for a treat we took the boys out for tea on Saturday. Joel was in paradise as he had prawns -yet again- and Eli wolfed his spaghetti in record time which made for two very happy and tired boys.

Starting young!


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