Caption Competition

It's Friday afternoon and you really should be finishing off that crucial bit of work to meet the deadline, but somehow you strayed onto the web and ended up here.

So, whilst you're here why not get involved? Enter our Caption Competition and see if you can make us laugh.

Give it your best shot, see what you can come up with and leave your entry in the comments bit below.

No prizes, just a bit of fun.

Inappropriate comments will be deleted.


  1. You want a caption? Oh dear, I am reading this at 5.50am my time... I shall have to drink some coffee, pray for inspiration and return!

  2. OK, where has my clever gone? It is now 9pm and a day later. Coffee consumed - twice since my first comment and I am enjoying an evening pint.

    Still - nothing!

    Other than a compliment to the lovely woman in the photo!


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