Water Babies

Eli recently went on a 2 week crash course in swimming and as in all things he took to it with natural aplomb and excelled. Enid the swimming teacher said she'd only previously seen one other 2 year old with such a natural aptitude for swimming.
As we don't have a pool at our house we are enjoying taking people up on their offers of using their pools!! I think we went swimming 6 times last week! This is really helping Joel's confidence to develop in the water and his swimming is really coming on well. He has now learnt what fun it is to jump in the water and it's difficult to get him out of the pool! Eli needs no encouragement - he scares us all to death! He goes under, jumps too high and too far and just comes up laughing! We really are enjoying the lazy, hot days in the pool!

This boy knows no fear!

Joel refuses to be left behind. His swimming is getting really good

Joel is enjoying his swimming


Zoe & Joel jumping together, Eli was supposed to join in too

This time he does as all three jump at same time

The spit roast getting underway (click here for more about this)

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  1. Your photos and your posts these days show such a zest for life and real joy for all of you.

    I am glad to know that you have found a church - in the truest sense of ekklesia, the church as assembly, as people - that really feeds you. It shows.

    God bless you richly this Christmas and always. May Christ always be being born in your hearts. I can't imagine it would ever be otherwise.



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