We can't quite believe that another week has slipped past, it really is quite scary thinking about where the time goes.

This week was quite monumental for Eli as he's doing a two week crash course in swimming and on Friday it all came together and he swam an entire length of the teacher's pool. He's taken to it like the proverbial duck and even the other parents are amazed that a lad so young can be so physical.

Today we did church on the beach which was a lot of fun. we can't always get the hall in Macassar so we occasionally have to make a plan to meet elsewhere. sadly the weather wasn't great but we still had a lot of fun together.

Daniel organised a mini golf tournament

Everybody joined in and had fun

Paula attempting a putt

On Saturday afternoon Dean went to Angus and Melissa's wedding (Dean used to work with Melissa). Melissa looked gorgeous and Angus looked like the cat that got the cream! Angus grew up in Macassar and is very well known and loved by the folks at Grace. We're all praying that God will bring them to us as they would be such a blessing. Angus is a gifted worship leader and Melissa has the voice of an angel as well as being a great worship leader too.

We rounded off the weekend at Debs and Rach's new house having mulled wine and mince pies before wishing them well as they both go back to the UK for Christmas. They were both really excited to be seeing family and friends again and it was so nice to see them settled into what will hopefully be their new long term pad.

The boys are really looking forward to week 2 of their holidays. We had a lot of fun last week doing things together; messing around in the garden; using peoples' swimming pools etc. Joel keeps asking for school work, so we are also doing a bit of that - long may that continue! As far as sleeps go, it's all very exciting - only 7 more until Eli's birthday; 11 till Christmas and 21 (I think!) until Grandad arrives!!

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  1. Ahhhh... the beach. It looks lovely.

    Thanks for stopping by the icy tundra of my blog earlier!!

    And as always, so many prayers for you all.


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