Alive & Kicking

Proof that we are still alive!

It's been a while since we last posted anything, but to be honest blogging isn't always the first thing that comes to mind. Also, sometimes it's simply better not to say anything rather than say something and get into trouble.

We've been having a few struggles with our mission organisation over several months and we're not overly happy with how we've been treated or how things are at present. This has clouded much of our thought and left us in a fairly negative state. Hence the silence on the blog.

Hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly.

I'll probably get into trouble for writing this!


  1. Good to know you're alive, can identify with not wanting to get into trouble, we've been in our own trouble more than once of late, some of it because of things I've said on the blog, it's raised a few questions! We are determined to keep being honest, but some it it might need to be couched in more euphemistic terms. Best of British to you as you grapple with whatever your issues are.

  2. Great photo and so glad to hear from you.

    Prayers and more prayers always.


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