Cape Epic

Dean & Paul aka Bizweni Bundu Bashers finished the ABSA Cape Epic on Saturday in 46 hours, 29 minutes & 21 seconds having ridden for 743km's climbing a total of 16650 metres (almost double Mt. Everest). Their overall finishing position was 278th out of 598 starting teams.

To see more about their Epic Adventure see Dean's mountain bike blog. He'll be updating it over the next few days with more facts, figures and recollections of the event.

For now Dean is delighted to have completed the TOUGHEST mountain bike race in the world and to have finished in the top half of the 598 starting teams. No mean achievement! He's even happier to be at home with Paula & his boys!!


  1. Hi Dean - off topic -
    If you want to join and promote my Easter Challenge for Christian Bloggers - please have a look here and leave a comment to let me know that you want to participate!

  2. hey guys, very big well done!! Am so proud of you!!! Now you can give those legs a break!!! Did you have jelly legs at the end??!! Take care dear friends and have a good Easter. Much love xx


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