This afternoon I had an experience which would probably scare the life out of most South Africans but somehow it seemed quite normal to me.

I was out and about with Michael and whilst he was in someone's house a guy called Dirk waved to me and then came over and got into my bakkie. Thankfully I've known Dirk for a few years and trust him. Anyway, he started to tell me that today was the day that he finally got confirmation that God is alive and well and he wants everybody to know this.

Dirk told me the story of how he ended up in court this morning and was now a free man in the afternoon. A while back he was involved in a kidnapping and robbery which ended in attempted murder as he doused his victim in petrol and set fire to him. I knew of the case from local news reports but hadn't realised that Dirk was the perpetrator.

The long story cut short is that Dirk admitted his guilt and in doing so got his co-accused off the hook. However that meant that potentially he would be going down for a very long time given his previous record. Amazingly the judge gave Dirk an 18month suspended sentence and a R2000 fine. No doubt the victim's family would consider this to be a miscarriage of justice, but from Dirk's perspective this was an amazing answer to his prayers as he'd been on his knees before God asking for help whilst on remand.

Whichever way you look at it it is quite an amazing story. Personally I agree with Dirk that God's grace was clearly evident in a very dark situation. Dirk is now in the process of telling everybody about what God has done for him and that is brilliant.

I would ask that you keep Dirk in your prayers as he's had a very troubled life and is no stranger to prison. However, he is a very likeable character and personally I trust him and enjoy spending time with him. To know more about why I trust him read my post entitled: Wed Afternoon In CNP.

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  1. Oh my - what a story. I will definitely be keeping Dirk in my prayers and hope that this is the moment of true change for him.

    As for miscarriage of justice, I can understand that. It is our human perspective. That said, a quick reread of The Prodigal Son and so many other Scriptures show us what justice really is.

    God's grace is so great and amazing, Praise God. May we learn to have such open and forgiving hearts, filled with hope that we can all be transformed.

    And then to go out and transform others.



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