Feeding Programme

Our feeding programme in CNP continues to go well and As has become custom over the last few years, once a month we deliver food to some of the neediest folk in the community. Today we bought the food (made possible by the Phillipi Trust and St.George's Weald) for our 13 HOPE home based care patients. This is a monthly venture and really blesses the families concerned, particularly in these days of huge price rises. It is quite a big task, but, together with our local supermarket, we are finally getting a system together that runs like clockwork! We then use the bakkie to pile all the food in before taking it off for house to house deliveries - you should see the smiles on people's faces and hear their thanks!! It's very humbling.

It was also a sad day today as we lost one of our patients who has struggled for many months now with lung cancer. She had recently spent a brief spell in the local hospice but had been home for 2 weeks before she died. Naturally the family are extremely sad, but it was lovely to be able to go and visit again and to take some practical help. It was also great as Paula had been able to ask her on Friday if she was at peace with God and then prayed with her. These are special moments and what the HOPE team is all about.


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