It's always alarming to see how quickly an epidemic can become a pandemic. scarily though this particular pandemic transcended the normal route by skipping the epidemic stage and going straight into the full-blown pandemic status.

This is a pandemic that really should have the world seriously concerned! We've seen many ridiculous media events and stories over the years but the speed with which this Media Stupidity Pandemic took hold has truly broken any previous record!

I am truly stunned by the stupidity of the entire media and the way they have scare-mongered in this ridiculous episode. There really is nothing like putting stories into context and the reporting on swine fever is nothing like putting a story into context! I spent some time watching Sky News and was amazed and appalled at how every other news story has dropped off their news map. They really are a bunch of muppets but sadly they are not alone. Most of the international news agencies seem to be equally blinkered.

Let's start with a quick look at Mexico.. so 100+ people are confirmed dead within a population of 100million+. I wonder how many deaths they experience each day from HIV/AIDS, road deaths, cancers etc? The HIV/AIDS mortality rate in that country is far scarier than any flu virus but is somehow not worthy of international media reporting.

Globally, (as far as I can see) only 102 people have died from this flu with a further 218 confirmed cases. Quite what the media are getting so excited about is hard to see. No doubt they'll end up blaming Gordon brown!

So if the media were to get as excited about some of the truly scary epidemics and pandemics out there, maybe we'd treat them with a bit more respect. HIV/AIDS is a truly scary pandemic. TB, Hepatitis, Meningitis etc are also worthy of scaring the average punter. Heart disease and cancers are also quite scary as is malaria which remains the worlds single biggest killer. Strangely none of these make it onto the front pages and TV headlines in the same way as this mild form of swine flu. Come on peeps, get a life!

On a lighter note, if you are worried about whether you've contracted swine fever the early signs are that you come out in rashers.

It has been reported that NHS Direct are apologising to patients who call their hotlines as all they get is crackling on the line.

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  1. Bravo for saying this. I mean it is unbelievable.

    I have been saying all day - the real sin is fear. People speak of orthodoxy, literal scripture interpretation, sex, dignity of life and at the root of all is fear.


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