For the last few days Joel has been lethargic and complaining of not feeling too well. Today he broke out in spots and the Dr confirmed the obvious... Joel has Chickenpox. He's actually quite proud of it, especially as it means he gets to stay at home tomorrow instead of going to church and will probably miss most of next week from school. Joel decided he likes the smell of the calamine ointment but doesn't enjoy the application as it's "too cold".

Hopefully Eli might catch it too and then we'll be all done on that particular childhood illness.

It's all go in the Finnie household.


  1. Well said! The families of our short termers are all having kittens because of course Argentina is just round the corner from Mexico.... apart from the few thousand kilometres of land mass between them that is! Enjoy the chicken pox.

  2. We are not in the league of chicken pox, but we do have rashes! India has 'Slapped Cheek Syndrome' at the moment - no days off school though!!

  3. Chicken Pox is around Cheadle at the moment - My Mum has even got the adult version - shingles at the moment.
    Glad to see you are getting on the top of things once more albeit slowly.
    If you want to see Cheadle's AGM report visit

  4. Whoo hoo chicken pox - the all time kiddie favorite disease of all time. You have a reason to scratch and itch where ever you want, and best of all you get to miss at LEAST a week of school =)


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