Mother's Day

Ben 10 is alive and well in our house! A couple of months ago we had no idea who he was, then we succumbed (or at least mum did!) and got DSTV, now we are responsible for propagating his future!!!

As you can imagine, Joel and Eli were delighted when a friend of ours recently returned from the UK with 2 pairs of matching Ben 10 pyjamas for them! Joel couldn't believe his eyes and questioned mum for ages as to where they had come from - knowing he hadn't seen them in the shops here!!!

Paula has also been enjoying a protracted Mother's Day. South Africa celebrates the day today, according to the International calendar. On Friday she was treated to breakfast at the boys' school, with a motivational speaker followed by a short concert in Eli's class and a wonderful hand washing ceremony in Joel's class. Eli totally stole the show, having the parents in stitches with his enthusiasm (what a different child he is!!!). Joel totally surprised mum, treating her to a lavender hand massage and wash followed by hand cream all on a piece of kitchen roll smothered with rose petals - oh yes, we're not joking!!!

The boys then really surprised her today with a cooked breakfast (nothing stolen!) followed by lunch out after church at her favourite restaurant. Unfortunately, by then Eli seemed to be sickening for something - hopefully Joel's chicken pox, so he was out for the count, but Joel loved the wonderful food and enjoyed playing with some of the local children outside as they came up to the restaurant gardens. he really does make us very proud with how easily he mixes with children from other cultures.

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  1. Happy Belated Mother's Day! This post had me tearing up a bit, but not over Ben10!

    What a beautiful family you all are, blessings always for you.


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